The Dirt Road Band is the brainchild of guitar legend Steve Walwyn, mainly known as the longest serving guitar player in Dr Feelgood (32 years). During this time, he has amassed a massive reputation as a guitar hero in the UK, Europe, and beyond. He says ‘I’d always liked the idea of the power trio - stripping everything back to the basics: guitar, bass and drums’.

To help him in this, he has recruited the services of Ted Duggan - professional since the 60s, including stints with Badfinger, and world techno giants, Banco de Gaia. Steve says, ‘I’d worked with Ted before, and I knew he would fit the gig perfectly’. He certainly does.

Bass player, Horace Panter, is better known as a founding member of The Specials. Horace has ‘groove’ imprinted on his DNA. Holding it down comes as second nature.

This, then, is Steve’s dream team rhythm section that swings as hard as it rocks. Steve says, ‘We have started to develop that musical telepathy that makes a band more than just the sum of its parts. It is a really thrilling time and keeps music alive’.

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